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How to install PostgreSQL on Windows 7

2011-05-13 Komentarze wyłączone

I have a new laptop with Windows 7 since a few days. I’ve found problem installing PostgreSQL (version 9.0). The pgAdmin was installed, hovewer I’ve got message Database Cluster Initialisation Failed and the database engine itself was not installed. However, thanks to google I’ve found this article, when I’ve found working solution.

The problem is the security system of Windows 7, which restricts access to the program files directory. Installator can install PostgreSQL binary files, however can’t create database files in this location. The solution is to install database anywhere else, f.g. in c:\tools\PostgreSQL. You should also make sure after installation, that postgres service has write rights to the data directory (right click, security tab, add postgres user, check write access rights). From now on everything should be working fine.