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Blog sites and search engines


Blog sites and pages indexed by particular search engines:
Google cache is searched by site:domainname. Yahoo is queried via linkdomain:domainname. Yandex is checked by typing search domain in advanced search.

Blogspot ( is displayed in Alexa as world’s 7 most popular page, and 8 in USA. WordPress has Alexa rank 19. Livejournal is 82 in Alexa’s global ranking, but it has very high note in Russia: no 11 (most popular blog site in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).
google – 223 mln
yahoo – 64 mln
yandex – 280 тис
google – 70 mln
yahoo – 53 mln
yandex – 49 млн
google – 834 mln
yahoo – 188 mln
yandex – 21 млн

The results are quite interesting. The number of pages indexed by yandex for LiveJournal is almost as high as by google and yandex, where for blogspot and wordpress results are far behind. According to Yandex, 47 mln from 49 mln LiveJournal pages are in russian, which explains the results quite good.

There are quite few wordpress blogs which are indexed by yandex, and google search for given language doesn’t return the count. There is also a question, how good the search engines are at guessing blog language. I suppose that russian-language (or partially russian-language) blog has much more chance to be indexed by yandex beeing hosted on livejournal and not on wordpress. It is another thing on my list to check in free time.

There are some tricks to test for language tips for search engines. When defining language for page via meta content-language tag is not applicable (f.g. you can’t specify custom meta tags for particular pages) you can set lang property on span element. This tip is described in submit-site tips article on seo expert services.

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