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Social networks management – tough work


Today I’ve found some time to manage some of my social networks. It is much harder work than someone could expect. There are so many social networks which are used by wide audience. Facebook (private), LinkedIn (proffessional) are no. 1, but there are also Plaxo, Xing (this one used almost exclusively by Germans), MySpace etc. In Poland most popular business social network is Goldenline, we have also leasure-time networks Grono and nasza-klasa.

You could say, you should focus on one private and one proffessional network. Well, life is not so simple. If everyone would use one portal, this would be the only reasonable solution, but each portal can give you connection to other part of audience. No matter what you seach: private contacts, jobs or business contacts, presence in each network expands your possibilities. At the cost of your time, however.

But: would it be too difficult to automate that process? Write once your sumary (schools, jobs, hobbies, interests, contact data – this is what most of social networks require) and propagate it anywhere. Add new contact, and propagate it to each network. Publish new status (your mood, your dreams and ideas, your job seach, your new product) and propagate it anywhere with one click.  I think such tool could be quite handy as plugin for your CRM, either proffessional or private (such as Thunderbird).

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